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Everything you wanted to know about the Link Gun (and other Link-based weapons and vehicles) but were afraid to ask. All information below was obtained by examining the UnrealScript source for the Link Gun, its firing modes, and other Link-based vehicles (turrets, Link Tank 2.0)
  • Primary fire: Plasma blasts. 30 damage/blast, 5 shots per second = 150 dps max. (Link Turret and Link Tank shots offer a small amount of splash damage, up to a radius of 300 UU's)
  • Primary fire (when linked): Shots turn gold and can fly quicker (and therefore further). The speed of the projectile (and its max distance) increases for each player linking it. The number of links increases the damage multiplier by 1 per link -- so, 1 player linking another would increase the plasma damage to 60 damage/blast, 300 dps max. 2 players linking increases the damage to 90 damage/blast, 450 dps max, and so on.
  • Secondary fire: Plasma beam. 9 damage/hit, hits once every 0.12 seconds = 75 dps max. Obviously an inferior choice for non-healing purposes, but the plus side is you get hitscan with the beam.
  • Secondary fire (when linked): Link beam turns gold. As with the primary fire, additional links increase the range of the alt-fire beam. The damage multiplier is increased by 0.5x per link -- 1 player linking another would increase the maximum dps to 187.5, 2 players linking increases it to 300, 3 players linking increases to 412.5, and so on.
  • Double Damage: Double Damage is ignored on linkers. It only has any effect if the Double Damage holder is the one doing the actual attacking.
  • Link Tanks and Link Turrets: The increased damage done by these vehicles is ignored if it links another unit. Additionally, if you link a Link Tank or Link Turret, your ammo is not consumed when it fires (ammo is still consumed while healing that vehicle however). Both of these factors combined indicate that the best strategy is to link the Link Tank or Link Turret and let the driver of that vehicle do the attacking -- NOT the other way around.
  • Link chain or everyone link the shooter? The UnrealScript makes no distinction on how the link is formed. You can form one long link of 16 players, or have 15 players all link the shooter. Either way, the damage output is the same. You should make this decision based on the battle situation. One long link can be broken easily if one of the linkers is taken out, but when the players are all clustered up with the shooter you make good cannon fodder for tanks.
The tl;dr version: Primary link does more damage, it doesn't matter how you form the actual link chain, and you should always link the player/vehicle that can deal the most damage (player with Double Damage, the Link Tank, or the Link Turret)
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