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Carpe Diem
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Default scorpion issue
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This happens on Fast and Furious. And it crashed last night with a SIGSEGV.
I know they are probably not related, but this error message happened about
30x in 3minutes, and who knows; maybe it's helping precipitate the SIGSEGV ?

Either way, it would be nice to eliminate it ?

EONSScorpionEnergyProjectileRed ONS-Fast-and-Furious.EONSScorpionEnergyProjectileRed (Function ONS-Fast-and-Furious.EONSScorpionEnergyProjectileRed.Timer:00BF) Accessed None 'Instigator'
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Turbo K
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That would be from Wail of Suicide's EONS-Scorpion. I'll PM him about any fixes that might be out there and remove them in the new version until then.
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