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Fogell from Superbad

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Default To alias or not to alias?
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Do you keep your same nick all the time or do you alias so no one will know itís you.

Annoying I say. And somewhat pussy behavior cause they try to hide who they are. Maybe you just enjoy a bit of anonymity, coming in as a sockpuppet. Maybe youíre a drama queen and donít want all the baggage youíve collected with your regular nick.

You can hide but not for long. If youíre a trouble maker, the admins have access to the whowas command to see what names a player has used previously.

Whatís your opinion of constantly changing your alias?
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Server Admin

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I would never alias!
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Getting there...

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I change mine from time to time just to fuck with people... love to hear provert say, "who the fuck is this so and so guy? Oh, it's Enyo, that explains why my shots go right through him."

Not hiding whatsoever... I think my style of play is quickly identifiable to most. And I talk a lot, sooooooooo...
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Funny thing is, I do much better when I alias. Not sure if you guys don't know it's me and so you don't single me out or what. It's not like I magiacally get better only when I have a different name. I also get more help when in the mino, which is fucked. If you want you team to win, doesn't matter who is in it. Well, maybe except for shadow so it can die and get someone better in it...lol
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