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Carpe Diem
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Default ONS-Flight-of-Fury-V1B
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Thanks Lagzilla. And WMD40 for his usual wrecking skillz.

On the redirect and server now, available for pre-download here

Originally Posted by Lagzilla View Post
Hey everyone,

V1B just passed the wrecking crew. Here are the changes from the current version:

1) Fixed broken texture issue with the redirect
2) Removed OMFG, replaced with Relic of Guns
3) Made it harder to get the Relic.
4) Added healers on lower platform
5) At the core level, added a gator, removed one centaur
6) Removed the manta
7) Added vehicle blocking volumes to prevent people from going into the drop hole for the space fighters
8) Extended to the drop hole to the fighter platform to prevent approaching vehicles from interfering with the spawn.


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Getting there...
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Thanks Carpe!

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