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GAMES Black mesa is released! (half life 1 fan mod HD version)
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Black mesa is released! (half life 1 fan mod HD version)
I think you need steam installed then download SDK base 2007 from Steams menu bar then select View then click Tools.
I'm not sure if it's the complete game yet or not it's been so long since I played it. Also you may want to wait to dl it straight from steams interface which may be a few days or week or so. this is the direct steam url for black mesa.



edit: This appears to be the fastest link I can find,



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You can also download it via BitTorrent, currently there are more than 21,000 seeders (including me).

I played it more than halfway through. The graphics and the objects look awesome! I've been playing at 1080p. The soundtrack is awesome too, it's also available as a free download. Still has some issues like the older version, some of the loading pauses kinda suck. Also the soldier voices crack me up... which they probably weren't meant too
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Agreed, it's beautiful. Amazing how much detail these guys put into it. Got a good laugh out of the "hurry up" type remarks from the barney's too.

There's a before/after comparison video here - http://kotaku.com/5943455/you-can-pl...?tag=blackmesa
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Originally Posted by FuzzySlippers View Post
You can also download it via BitTorrent, currently there are more than 21,000 seeders (including me).
Woot. 21min to download. SAH-weet !
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