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Originally Posted by Terminator View Post
*cough* Blackwood *cough*
second that termi
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Just wanna say thanks to hardspike for properly kicking solidstate after he team-switched late last night early in the match on Nevermore because he didn't like that I argued with him that we didn't need node 7 (which BTW wasn't even available for the red team at the time) but that we really needed to get node 5 because 6 was the cut-off for red to take the map.

Seriously, this is what it's come to? You call out the wrong nodes, your team tells you you're wrong, and that's justification to switch??? Just take your ball and go home why don't ya?
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KillerDoggie teamswitched yesterday on MTMU-Kamek. He joined Red and was teamswitched to blue. Someone on red left and he was switched back to Red. He spec'd and joined blue. He was, again, switched to red and then he left. Red was getting slaughtered the entire time.

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