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Default Mass Destruction
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So there is a lot of bullshit vehicles on this map; but it works and I love it. The original version of this map has all stock vehicles at the core & primary nodes with two Leviathan's that spawn at the center fight for the victory node. The ion cannon still at the core. I played this map last night with a half full server and it was a lot of fun. I loved seeing all the bullshit vehicles; the chaotic mess in the middle. Almost as if UT was shutting down and that could have been the final victory. It was so much fun!

With that said,

1. Keep this map on the server.
2. I wouldn't recommend making many adjustments to the map as it already is a #5moarrounds map.
3. I love the ground battles between the tanks and the air fights. Air vehicles can take out the ground vehicles just as much as much as the ground vehicles can take out the air vehicles. It all depends on who is manning the controls.

Thanks! Hope you all have had a chance to play it.
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Thanks Termy. I figured with a name like Mass Destruction it needed plenty of OP vehicles. I've made a few small changes to the next version. Added a couple of vehicles at the base, rearranged them a bit (moved the Odin outside as the noobs always get it stuck), and added the ION raptor (Omega). I also fixed the vehicle glitch with the Short Circuit that leaves emitter graphics all over the place.

Glad you liked it.
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