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Default Why does my ChatRestriction.ini only work when it wants to?
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So I have about 10 people in my ChatRestriction.ini, and while playing in different games sometimes the people on my list show up and start crying and bitching.

The other night I had one person show up and cry the entire game. The next game I did not hear him, which was a god-send, then the game after I could hear the whine factory in full production. I look under communications and sure enough I have check marks next to his name on everything, but apparently either my computer or the server does not seem to want me to miss out on any of the "important" information that this guy is broadcasting for us. It happens with more than one person on my ChatRestriction.ini list. Any ideas as to what is going on and how I can ensure my Chat Restriction is actually restricted?
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Happens here too, comes and goes as it pleases...

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It's a glitch. I've tried explaining this before. Blocking chat doesn't work.
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Originally Posted by McGimpkins View Post
I could hear the whine factory in full production.

That made me chuckle!
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Unfortunately, my own experience mirrors this. Schad is correct, but as a computer support professional, I prefer the term "feature" or "undocumented enhancement".

Have some cheese with your whine, McG.
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