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The MinoMeUp version of Minus is fun but you aren't missing anything special Mailbox. For real, fun but you aren't missing anything. It gets old real fast.

I'm against the idea of making an event night on the server. Mainly because some people can only play once in a while and they should be able to have the standard experience.

You Rock, McLovin. I was pretty pissed off when the MTMU server was shut down. It was an obvious case of the minority with power deciding against the majority. It's his server (sort of) but that was a shitty thing to do and it still irks me. Given enough time the players would have shifted back to the main server.

As far as Nightwolf, well folks, make a poll. I don't want to remove it without at least a poll but just because I was last to edit the map doesn't mean I have the rights to it so if someone else wants to remove the Nexus then just do it. I think it's time but I really don't know how most players feel about it. Polls aren't very representative because of the small number of participants but it's all we got.
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