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As far as I can tell, the camera shell should not have any rendering restrictions. I wonder what might be causing this...

Actually, I just saw that ONSMortarShell defines a CullDistance of 10000 UU. That is the base class for anything any SPMA-style vehicle will lob at you with its main cannon, including any camera shells. In other words, that's a problem you should also have with the standard SPMA and the Perses.
(But I'll fix it anyway, of course.)
In the mean time, mappers can modify the default CullDistance of the affected custom projectiles under Actor >> Projectile >> ONSMortarShell. (Remember to turn off "Placeable classes Only?" so you can see them.)

In a future release I'll fix the Culldistance issue and I'll also make AVRiL rockets redirect to the Helios/Hephaestus Artillery again. Should I also do that for the "standard" Reverse SPMA?

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