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View Poll Results: Are you willing to donate to keep Omni alive ?
Ya sure, I can spare $5 or $10 a year 3 15.00%
Yes, put me down for $20 a year 12 60.00%
Hell ya, I'll donate what I can ! 4 20.00%
No. UT2K4 is dying. Lets just let it run out as is 1 5.00%
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Please let me know how to donate to server support.
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UT 2k4 is dying. I left because of certain personalities I didn't really like and because it's was getting boring. I had mentioned a while back about helping to try and do a reboot of this in the new UE4 engine and started to get into it, but lost interest since not many others seemed to care and the engine wasn't at the point it needed to be. If someone wanted to do this, I think you would get a lot more players and thus donations along with modernizing the game.
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True, but I don't know if the UE4 engine is ready to add ONS on top of it. Not sure what level of dev (vehicles and such) would be needed.

But there's still a small following here (and CEONSS) that happily play UT24K. I'd love to see it moved to UE4, and would help, but its a big effort.
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Anyone rememeber ut2003 for the brief time it was out? I think when Halo came out they went "oh crap we need vehicles" and did ut2004. I remember in the first version of 04 you could fire primary and alt fire at the same time in the raptor.

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