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Default This server's setup for abandoned vehicle respawn
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Hey random idea if people are interested....

Back on the old server I used to play years ago, one could steal an enemy vehicle, suicide in it (it had to be console suicide, exiting would make it respawn normally), and it would stay running thus never respawning for the enemy until they found the parked vehicle and stole it back or destroyed it. It added a fun element and bit of strategy of the map. For example if you stole a critical raptor, you could fly it back to your core, or up on some random hidden hill and actually ditch it. Just let everyone on your team know not to touch it and you're good to go.

I think this could be pretty fun on this server, adding a bit more excitement and potential for the rare chance you get to steal the enemy mino, dragon, flyer etc. Stealing a vehicle felt more like an actual theft as your first response would then be to speed away a quickly as possible. It made people less careless with their vehicles. And also opened up the map so that the normally forgotten corners and nooks had a purpose and saw gameplay.

On top of that it can really help turn the tide if the other team isn't communicating or aware.

Any thoughts? Or would this even be possible? I don't know how this feature is edited for a server.
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Iím not crazy about the concept, and itís honestly kind of a dick move. Not to mention thereís way to much skill imbalance and douchery already on the server. I could just see a weaker team getting taken advantage of by getting all their important vehicles stolen and hidden. Besides, good luck finding a server level admin to change anything anymore.
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I don't think this is a setting, it would be a code change, iirc.

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