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Default Still Playing?
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Hey all, I used to play on Omni server prob about five years ago (OMG im old). Just wondering if you all still played assualt ever? Id love to get some assualt going sometime with you all cause i swear this game is still better than anything else out on the market (even COD4 which im still a fan of but how it can it compare)!!! I reinstalled the game and have been checking in every day so maybe ill catch some of you on there at some point!
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I love playing Assault. The only servers that still have players are the Demo Convoy ones and even those are almost dead. I still go on when I see more than one player on a server.
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Well I will have to keep an eye out for you....... I loved assault and it was a total blast getting that many people on where there were objectives to reach. I mean onslaught is okay but it doesnt have the amazing maps/storylines that assault does!
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Welcome to the forums, Cruse. I think there are a couple of European Assault servers that still get some players. Ping is too high for me though. Nachos & Beer and the PWC Great Race server are about the only US servers that get players but it's less and less all the time. Assault really has pretty much died. Unfortunately, almost no one plays on the Omni assault server anymore. It's a shame. I like the maps much more than the typical race maps.

Sometimes people will get together for an assault weekend. Watch for the threads.
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Carpe Diem
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No. It has different (but just as amazing) maps and a different story every game !

Alas Assault has pretty much died leaving ONS to carry the (vehicular) fire:

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