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Carpe Diem
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Default ONS-Trench-)o(
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On the server and redirect now. Available for pre-download here.

Thanks to Anonymous for the creative effort, and WMD40 for his usual stellar map-breaking attempts.

Anon will fill us in on the map and such.
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Getting there...
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Very cool map. Played it once tonight.

Only mod I may be curious of is removing flyers sine they will dominate anyone stumbling through the trench. Also adding triple jump.
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Getting there...
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Drive slowly.

The Dragons are intended for quick recovery. I may add triple/quad jump later.
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Still Just Registered

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Hi. Played a game of this map earlier today.

As is, the Dragon is not fun for the flier or the targets. Because of the heavy fog, the targets can't see the Dragon if it's high in the sky, and a Dragon in such a position can only reliably bomb nodes. The wooden tracks in the trenches make it tough to move around, as a person's dodge jumps attempts can fail due to the irregular position of the pieces. In addition, there are some asymmetries in the map that are questionable, namely node 2 being the only node with a bridge to protect it from direct bombing, and there not being a staircase out of the trench between nodes 1 and 6.

I'll echo YEAAAHHHHHHHHH's request of dropping the Dragon. It's simply too powerful of a vehicle in such a small map, and it doesn't have any effective counters besides itself due to the heavy fog. I'll suggest replacing it with a Draco, something that generally has to get close to a target and is comparatively squishy. I'll also suggest easing up on the fog, and adding AVRiLs to the lower core locker (to put it on parity with the upper core locker).

I do like the map concept though. Thanks for making it.
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Fogell from Superbad

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Rail road ties ugh - I hate hopping. I do enough of that like a jumpin monkey when death matching.
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