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Originally Posted by Optimus_P-Fat View Post
If you want to make vehicles that aren't just reskinned stock vehicles, you have to do that anyways... this really has nothing to do with UT3.
I´m just bitching cos they made turret meshes part of the main vehicle mesh in ut3, instead of seperate meshes that I can mess with/swap (which is what I´ve done for most of my vehicles, so porting them is pretty much impossible, it also made the Mino, Firetank, GorzHounds, and Arbalest impossible to port without extracting the meshes, which was impossible in 2k4 (admittedly I haven´t looked into it on ut3, maybe they let you extract their stuff, but I doubt it)).

Originally Posted by Optimus_P-Fat View Post
If you expected the engine to do more processing and be MORE implemented in script and less in native code, you've expected a bit too much I think.
I really only wanted to be able to grab the movement inputs, which all seem to be handled nativly, just putting a catch into UScript would of done, and would of removed the need for everything to have a native class as well (I think, cos it seems to be the ones that do something with the spacebar that have native bits). Doesn´t seem too much, does it?

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