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Default The return of Crusha / UltimateMappingTools2?
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Hi everyone,

Just making this thread to mark the return of Crusha K. Rool! He is now regularly playing on the CEONSS server again.

Also, while chatting with him, I let him know of the UltimateSpawner netplay bugs that have been experience in ONS-ArcticJunkYard-V3m, which he seemed to be unaware of. He also stated his desire to make a sequel to his UltimateMappingTools package. I'm interested in seeing where he goes with it.
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Good news! He's done a lot for the community.
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Originally Posted by Binger View Post
Good news! He's done a lot for the community.

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Crusha K. Rool
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If you have any known issues, feel free to post them.

So far my plans are to clean up the old code that I still have lying around and never released so that I can at least get a V2 version out. That requires some renaming of things, since I can't re-use the same package name for a .u file that I already released in the past.
I haven't done anything in UnrealScript for quite some time and may be a bit rusty, but I hope I'll manage. Perhaps I will even get a fresh look at things now that I have matured as a software developer in general.

V2 was nearly feature complete back then. The only thing that was really holding me back in the past was that I wanted to have a nice particle effect for defusing an Ons Orb, but had no experience whatsoever about how to go about those, since the built-in editor for particles is actually broken and produces code that causes crashes in Linux.

Part of the cleanup will also include getting rid of some third party stuff in the tools that I included for convenience but never really planned to support. In the end, it just makes updates more complicated and gives more room for potential conflics with the original packages (the more mature software developer in me realizes that big monolithic code base are actually a Bad Thing™). If a mapper wants to make use of those things, they should just use the original package instead.
To be more specific: I plan to remove the Dynamic Weather and the Teamspecific Actors stuff in V2. The few pieces that I cherry-picked from Wormbo and the Jailbreak mod will remain.

Originally I planned to also come up with a more dynamic scripting system that would at least allow mappers to do some of the stuff that UE3 offers with Kismet (though granted without the fancy UI). But I don't even know if that would actually work (in a performant manner) and alas shoving as much into one package as possible is a Bad Thing™, so I'd rather get the finished stuff out now and make an entirely separate package for the other stuff if that need should ever arise.

Once it's out, I might modify one or two of my old maps to make use of the new stuff and to act as an example.

I've been bouncing ideas for new gameplay concepts in ONS ever since, but whether I will ever get to actually try them out is a different story. Unfortunately the Unreal Editor seems to have some issues with new Windows / graphics cards versions that make working with them quite an annoyance.

I also plan to put the code on GitHub once the release is done, for several reasons:
- If the purpose of a property or feature is unclear, savvy people can just check the original source code to find out.
- The code won't be lost in case my PC dies. (I actually have it mirrored on another machine, but better safe than sorry)
- If someday I really should no longer be active in this community for good, then someone else might pick up things where I left them. Though it would be nice if they asked first.
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