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Stormers hit you with AA from the Venom. It's all he does in the vehicle and its all cheap kills with that guy holding the button down way out in the fog distance. The Venom should not do 300 damage with one shot from the AA.

If you took the phoenix from 3/10 it may have 50 less health than a standard one, which means the Venom can do enough damage to one shot you. I will check when I am in the editor next to confirm. My notes here say no, so I maybe I decided against it.

I will increase the health on the vehicle in the next version if I did decrease it. Also, with his constant spamming of AA from the Venom/Cerberus I want to make them harder to get to... Something that requires a dodge would make it impossible for him to get there. Or maybe some simple math question has to be answered correctly, where the answer isn't 5555FFDWSSSFF5.
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Ah, I see. I wonder if he's the one that does that same thing on Slated. How about editing the missiles to end at the fog?

The Phoenixes at 3/10 have 400 health, it's the one at the core that has 250. I'm pretty sure that's the one I was using.

What are the criteria for when Wasps replace the Phoenixes at 3/10? How did you get that to work? Just curious.

If you do another edit on this map can you set the fog distances in all the zones to the same value. There are some places where they are different and the transition is weird.

Thanks, man.
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