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Default Hover boards
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To whoever gave the hover boards the ability to move anything that isn't nailed down, you're an asshole.
Totally fucks up the maps by giving players who are willing to do it the ability to completely fuck the other team. thanks
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Yeah, I'm with you. I forget who was pushing our mino out of our core the other night.
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I bet that was Terminator, he does enjoy doing that.

And I will admit I like pushing the mino around with one...although pushing the mino out of the core is a bit douchy.

I like the hoverboards..its a good counter to a mino driver, especially one in the dognuts spot.

I hate the PPCs on Minus maps way more than the hoverboards.
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Wasnt that BJ2000 something? I recall he was spamming the core with a dragon then was on a hover board buzzing the core. Tossing grenades on vehicles and just screwing with people.
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