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Default Spring 2019 Map Requests
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Hey everyone,

This thread is for posting any maps you would like to see on the server, with a focus on older map edits that were once on this server or the Minus-only server.

This thread is associated with the March/April 2019 - OMNI Admin Update, to which this can be considered a sub-thread for.

Hope to hear some good requests!
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I'd vote for a few stock vanilla maps like ONS-Crossfire and ONS-Severance. Sometimes its fun to just play the original ONS maps.
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That's the MTMU map that has the parasite bomb. It's hard to get, but you can drop it on an enemy vehicle and they all get locked out of it for a few moments. If you're quick you can kill em, then steal their mino. It's funny shit man, love doing it to those F'n mino whores.
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Dont know if this qualifies but would love to see Ascendancy. Along with some stock old school maps.
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The badwolf edit of Valarna. Also Battlefront-)o(-v4
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APRIL-SPAMBOX.. not for the faint-hearted. More gore splattering in the air than on any other map.
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