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Originally Posted by Lagzilla View Post
I like world of warships. Play a destroyer or its a lobby sim for 3/4 the round.
I haven't tried it. I had a look when it was mentioned in a thread here once but I never tried it. I can just tell somehow that I won't stick with it.

Originally Posted by GlueEater View Post
At one time I recommended World of Tanks but now I tell people to stay away. It has the most toxic community of any on line game I've ever seen. I still play from time to time and I usually see Tres Gonads on there. I usually don't stay long though.
Right now I'm chasing down enemy planes in War Thunder while waiting on 303 Squadron and Post Scriptum to come out. Overall, I'm not happy with the way online gaming has gone. Having one large server with players of different ability makes for nothing but lopsided matches. Also, more teenagers and young men now own gaming computers and they, of course, bring their attitudes with them. Hence the number of a-holes playing has grown exponentially.
I tried WoT again recently. I read my comments on why I stopped playing it and decided I was giving up too soon. I read and watched about things like spotting and armor and I get that much better now but what turns me away is how a player really needs to know all the different tanks to be effective. It's just too much to learn. You need to know what kind of armor every tank has so you can decide when to shoot and what type of shells to use. If I was a tank geek it would be great but I don't want to learn all that. I'm up for a little more than just blowing shit up but not that much.

From their web page War Thunder is trying really hard to look like WoT. Is it less complicated? There are hundreds of vehicles. Do I need to learn them all?
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Getting there...
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Although you can re-spawn in War Thunder I could never stand the ground battles. Tanks only need to get hit once and they are destroyed. This gives experienced players a HUGE advantage because they know the best sniping spots. No fun when you've played 12 matches in an evening and only have 5 kills but died 32 times.
The aviation side is a little more fun, even inexperienced players can jump in and shoot down bad guys right off the bat. The leveling up is a bit confusing and I still have a lot to figure out. However, winning matches comes down to destroying enemy ground targets so if everyone on your team is in fighters you're screwed. Guess I need to grind a line of bombers.
World of tanks has a very steep learning curve that chases off new players. It also suffers from awful match making. Basically team one gets 6-8 pro players platooning with each other and 6-8 regular joes. Team two gets 6-8 awful players that do nothing but hide or die right away and 6-8 regular joes.
Rage quickly sets in when you realize you're a regular joe that always gets stuck on team two night after night.
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