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Crusha K. Rool
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Default Beware the almighty Node-busting Orb!
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I've actually gotten around to work on this thing again lately. It was sitting there for a while already.
And because a video says more than thousand words:

Not sure how such infantry dependence would fit into )o('s vehicle loadout, but it's probably still nice for some ninja Manta-rides and Node caps.
Features that are still missing in the video above:
  • Proper link beam effect when linking to a Node.
  • Proper effect when destroying the Orb.
  • HUD message that informs an enemy player that he can destroy the Orb with the [Use] key when he is touching it.
  • Message and sound that the Orb can not be carried in that vehicle.
  • HUD Overlay that shows a countdown with the remaining time before despawn on a dropped Orb. (And remaining time until full growth of a respawning Orb.)
  • HUD Overlay that shows the Orb on the radar map to team mates. (And to enemies too as soon as it is in a certain distance to an enemy Node.)
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Turbo K
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So what exactly does it do?
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Crusha K. Rool
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It's a conversion of UT3's Orb to UT2k4.

There is one Orb per team and it can only be carried around on foot (or with Hoverboards). But you can give the carrier a Manta ride.

Getting the Orb close to a Node will cause it to automatically link to that Node. The Node will be healed very quickly by the Orb, enough to probably outheal the damage of three incoming enemies. (In UT3 it turned the Node invincible, but this is hard to pull off here without scripting a new Node (though maybe I will find another hacky way and can thus reduce the Orb's healing rate). Which also means that the Minotaur will still one-shot a healed Node, I guess.)
To make up for the lack of invincibility, the Orb will also reset the Node's UnderAttack state. So as long as the Orb carrier is around the Node, you will be able to spawn at the Node even while it's under fire.

When the Orb carrier steps onto a Node, the Orb will be consumed. It will instantly heal the Node to full health and instantly convert it to your team if it's neutral or an enemy Node.
You can take over an unguarded enemy Node before they even notice. Though they will get a warning and your Orb will show up on their radar map if you get into a certain distance to their Nodes, besides that there is constantly a huge Node Beam over the Orb to give it's location away to everyone.
You can not take over an enemy Node as long as the enemy Orb carrier is linking it, though.

Killing the Orb carrier will make him drop the Orb. It can then be picked up by his team again in the next 30 seconds. That is of course a long time to hold out if the Orb is right next to your Node and the enemy team keeps coming for it. So your team can press [Use] on the Orb and thus destroy it instantly, at the cost of killing yourself since the Orb deals 150 damage.

The consumed or destroyed Orb will slowly respawn at an Orb Base at a Node of your team. Bases are priority-ordered by the mapper. Upon respawn it will still take a few seconds to fully grow. If you lose control over the Node associated Base during that time, the Node will be destroyed and goes back into the respawn cycle.
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I still think that would be an awesome ballistic weapon for the link tank. Swap the primary fire out with a launchable orb.
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