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View Poll Results: Make Dria-TMU Symmetrical?
No, leave it asymmetrical. 7 43.75%
Yes, use the South part. 8 50.00%
Yes, use the North part. 0 0%
Yes, but some other part; East, West, or Combo. 1 6.25%
Voters: 16. You may not vote on this poll

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Disclaimer: I'm on a coffee binge at the moment, so hopefully this post will be understandable.

I am all for a symmetrical version of Dria. Although I voted south side, either would be fine IMO. I think it would be even better if you could mirror the west side opposed to the north or south.

I think I posted this in another thread, but the main issues I see are that one side (the "good" side) has direct, line of sight access to the 2 middle nodes, making them trivial to suppress, even without a mino, ion, or hurricane. Additionally, the "good" side has better access to the secondary (node 6) making it faster to build and easier to respond in case of attack, where the "bad" side has a corner secondary that is much further to travel and a giant hill in the way, requiring one to climb the hill or to come in the main entrance.

So if you mirror the south, both teams will have a greater chance to take the corner node due to the layout, and less of a chance to get core hits due to the access to the middle node that links to the primary from the big hill. If you mirror the north, both teams have an easier time suppressing corner node attacks due to the layout, distance, and ability to suppress the middle node linking to their corner, but the chances are a little better for core hits on the other end since there is no big hill to pound the middle from.

What if we changed the structures that protect the middle nodes? I was thinking something like Stones, but it could be anything. A castle or fort of some kind would be cool. Testing would be needed though, and I don't know how much the masses would appreciate the change.
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