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Originally Posted by hardspike View Post
If you're on Windows 10 can you use the built in game recording feature?

On Fortnite Battle Royale (and other games I presume) I press Windows + G and I can hit record. When you stop recording there'll be a file at c:\users\username\videos\captures in .mp4 format. (Note, you can also hit Windows + Alt + R to begin recording immediately)
That's what I use...

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Originally Posted by Enyo View Post
Yes, recording the behavior is helpful, but you're not likely to record the player's misdeeds unless you're spectating. Most people don't want to stop playing to go catch someone being a douche. That's why it's important to use the kick vote when warranted. Problem there is not everyone agrees what warrants a kick.

Seems like since Christmas there's been a lot more players on that seem to be new, at least judging by the number of new names and the way they're playing. Maybe Steam had a $2 sale on UT2K4?? New players should be tolerated and even helped even though they seem like a hindrance, and they usually let you know they're new. New players shouldn't be kick voted, especially if they're showing an effort.

In my OP, I'm really talking about the ones we know have been around a long time and they're just fucking around. Those guys need to go or start trying or be kicked. Seriously, if you've played this game for a year or more and your PPH is consistently well below 100, you're not trying. I could score higher than that blind-folded. I've seen several of these known players with less than 5 point scores after 30 minutes of play... that IMO is purposely not doing anything useful and you should be kicked.

And don't give me the whole "scores mean nothing" crap. It doesn't mean everything, but it's the only real indicator of performance we have - that's why the balancer, flawed as it may be, is based on PPH. I know, you don't get points for healing vehicles and that is definitely helpful. But, if that's all you're doing throughout a match, then you're not contributing as much as you could be. Aggression on the nodes is what wins in onslaught. The players that consistently score in the top five get the vast majority of their points from building and destroying nodes. Noted exception to that would be Shadow.

When DW was active I pretty much went to a 100 game kick right off. The year is 2018 people know how to act in a video game....or act out.

I might type a couple verbal warnings direct to the player (bitch slap) if I didnt recognize his GUID right off.

you got 31 players having a good time and playing an one jerk the jerk goes.
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