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Default TAM Problem
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Minor problem with my TAM.....

Everytime I enter a TAM server I spawn in the ground, I can open the main menu, but my UT essentially locks up, and apparently I can't be seen, and have around 600-700 ping on servers where I normally have 20-50 ping, and this only happens on TAM ... can anyone tell me how to fix it? Patch or something of the like?

Like I said ..... minor problem
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Best thing if u haven't tried it yet would be to reinstall UT and apply Epic's Megapack...

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I've heard similar gripes from others
Some think it's related to 3369, others say it's tied to AntiTCC, some have had it in other gametypes as well

So far, the only suggested fix was to delete all entries to AntiTCC and TAM from the User and UT2004.ini's

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reformat your computer
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