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Default Really fun match
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Really fun doing TAM this afternoon guys! Sorry I had to cut out after the first match. We're all pretty much TAM noobs at HTM. I've never liked waiting very much. But that first 10-8 match had nice quick rounds and was really a gas. How many more matches did you guys play?

Anyway, looking forward to more impromptu matches with you guys!


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They played quite a few throughout the course of the night. I was bouncing between TAM, DM, IG and Zark.

Good gaming with you HTM guys! It was a shock when I fired up UT and saw a TAM server full of )o(s and HTMs. I've always stayed away from TAM, but after seeing how I didn't do too badly tonight, I may be playing it a bit more (that is, when Qett)o(E's not owning my ass in DM).

See ya again soon, JaK

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YA TAM IZ FUNE! ME LIKEY!! plus it helps w/ my teamwork and dm skillz at the same time. cuz ya'll know i will constantly need improvement, but am always readying for the azzwhipping it will take to get there. MORE TAM MORE TAM MORE TAM!!!!!
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