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So after a week of tracking player names through UT2004 stats and seeing players on the server, here is the player list that I created! This was a lot harder than it may appear so please understand this may not be 100% accurate, I did work hard on this. This list totaled up to 247 players. I classified players as regular based on their activity on the server; so again, it may not be 100% accurate. I can't keep track of 200+ players; its just not possible. Now keep in mind that its summer so someone may be classified as a regular while they currently might not be. Some players names are left blank because I honestly don't know if they are regulars or not; again, one player keeping track of 200+. I decided to create this list because I wanted a somewhat accurate number of how many players are currently on the server. I don't have the brain knowledge to edit or create maps, create vehicles or skins. Sorry, that's way beyond my capabilities; I'm sure you understand. However, what I tried to do was to create an accurate player list and with that said, here it is! Feel free to contribute because like I previously said, I can't keep track of players and their many different aliases. Lets keep track of our friends. Sorry if you're not currently on this list.



A to C
Adam Bomb
AfterTwoBowls / Regular
Ahooter Waitress / Regular
Ambient / Plays ONS every so often, has been playing freon
Analog / plays once in a while.
Anonymous / Regular
Attila / Regular
Badman / Haven't seen in a while
Beefies / Regular
Beetchucker / Regular
BigFloppies / Regular
Binger / Regular
Bisounours / Regular
Blackwood / Regular
Blaster / Regular
Blidbill / Regular
BlownUp / Regular
Bob Smith / Rarely plays UT but every so often he will appear on Teamspeak
BoFox / Regular
Bubba Fart / Regular
BunnyFooFoo / Regular
Burnt Offerings / Regular
Buschmaster / Regular
California / Regular
Candylick / Regular
Charley Harper / Regular
Chupacabra / Regular
Codeman X / Regular
Colbye / Regular
Coldcut / Regular
CoreDumped / Not sure who this is player is but I’ve recently started seeing him.
Crazy Eddie / Regular
CTC/R8 Cintar
CTC Cornfed *I frequently see the CTC triplets, I see Cornfed more than Mikefiend or Cintar*
CTC MikeFiend
Cyborg / I've been seeing this player more frequently, is this his real name or an alias?

D to F
Da-Ant / Regular
Dai-a / Regular
DamnSkippy / Haven't seen in a while
Dan / Regular
Danno 68 / Use to play all the time, left for a year or so and recently came back.
Darkmethodz / Regular
DBX / Regular
Dead Serious
Death Ector / Regular
Deeper Deemer / Regular
DieselDude / Regular
Dimshade / Regular
Djay-T / Recently made a return, plays sporadically
Dognuts / Regular
Domm / Regular
DoubleTap / Regular
Dr. Gonzo / Regular
Duh / Regular
DW Achilles
E / Regular, although I haven't seen him in a while.
Ebno / Regular
El Commadante / Regular
Enyo / Regular
Eradicator / Regular, although I haven't seen him in a while.
Fakedirt / Regular
False Flag / Regular
Fatman / Regular
Fatpig / Regular
Fifi / Regular
Flacis / Regular
Flanagan / Regular
Flounder / Regular, spends most of his time spectating, thinks he is cool when he is not.
Fluffy Puppy / Regular
Fryedman / Regular
FuriousRabbit / Regular
Fuzzyslippers / Regular

G to J
Gack / Use to play all the time, haven't seen him in a while
Gamechanger / Regular
Gareau / Regular
General Purpose / Regular
Gerbil / Plays ONS every so often, frequently plays Freon
Gladiator34 / Regular, although I haven't seen him in a while.
Glueater / Retired. But he comes back every so often.
Goose / Plays both on OMNI and Freon, often aliasing.
Gov't Cheese / Regular
Grey / Long time DW player, recently started playing again.
Grrrrrrrowland / Rarely plays on OMNI, frequently plays on CEONSS.
Gunshy / Regular Always aliasing
GuyThatKillsU / Regular, hasn't been seen in a month, for reasons unkown to you.
Hardspike / Regular
Heffy / Haven’t seen in a while
Humble Pie / Regular
Hyden / Regular
Infected Toe / Regular
Inferno / Regular
IX Steve / Regular
Jabe / Regular
Jasmin / Regular
Jedi[PHX] / Regular
Jimbo / Regular
JoeBlow / Often plays on CEONNS
John Cena / Who is this player?
JohnSmallBerries / Regular
Jrambo / Regular
Judas / Regular
Just1n / Haven't seen Just1n in atleast 6 months

K to N
Kaila / Regular
KillderDoggie / Usually plays early to late afternoon.
L10Alton / Plays more freon than ONS
Lagzilla / Regular
Leftover Crack / Regular
Madkilla / Regular
Madpat / Regular
ManBearPig / Regular
MarkTheShark / Regular
Martian / Who is this player? First started to appear, 4-6 months ago.
McGimpkins / Hasn't played in a while but he will join Teamspeak every so often.
McLovin / Regular
Me Again
Microtech / Regular
MikeHawk / Use to play frequenly, not sure how active he still is.
Molon Labe
Monster Boy
Myst / Regular
Nerfranakon / Regular
Nomad / Regular
Not Sure / I'm 'not sure' if he is a regular or not.

O to S
Oblio / Regular
Paminator / Good riddance
Paraclitoris / Regular (unfortunatly)
Phred / Regular
Phrozen Regular
Phunky Dork
Pi / Doesn't play much anymore, freon or ONS.
Pooty / Regular
Provert / Regular
Quadblack / Regular
Quebecois / Regular, plays freon in addition to ONS
Racer X / Regular
Reshred / New player. Started seeing him around 2 to 3 months ago, made a forum account. Regular
Roger / Regular
Rommel / Regular, often aliases
Rush Douchebag
Sam151B / Regular
Sarge / Regular
Schadenfreude / Always aliasing, unsure how often he plays.
Schlomo / Regular
Scrotum Sauce
Sgt. Slaughter / Regular
Shadow / Regular
Sir Dave / Regular
Slashfark / Regular
Sliman / Regular
Slingblade / Regular, recently made an appearance. It was good to see him.
SmashCrash / Still an active ut player, plays on Sol and HoC freon
Smoker / Regular
SnakePlisskan / Regular, although I haven't seen him in a while
Solidstate / Regular
Sorcery / Regular, often spectates on OMNI. Active player on CEONSS.
Soy Sauce Ninja
Sparky50 / Regular
Spoon!! / Regular
Staff Sergeant / Regular
Stormers1957 / Regular
Sumugan / Regular
Svauser / Regular
Sweetslut / Regular

T to Z
TachyonChaos / Regular
Terminator / Regular
TERMINATOR / Regular, captalised Terminator!
Tezza Byt / Regular
The Dr. / Use to play a lot of ONS, still an active player on SoL and HoC Freon
TheSage / Recently started seeing this player. Says he use to play Assault. Glad he is playing ons.
Thomas Jefferson / Regular
Tim / Calyx
TimeWarner Sucks / Regular
Timmay / Regular, although I haven't seen him in a while.
Tres-Gonads / Regular
Turbo Dog
Turbo K / Regular
Twat' Fanboy
Usagi / Regular
Vegan On A Diet
Veron/Alesis/Vvlad/Saffa / Same player with four different names. Often plays during the day or early afternoon. Regular
Viice / Haven’t seen in a while… And I’m not complaining.
Vincent / Regular, Haven't seen him in a while though.
Vugluskr / Regular
Wakeen Desilva / Regular
Werd. Keneral 32
Werd. KingKyle
WMD40 / Regular
Xerjat / Regular
Xexx / Regular
Yamashita / Regular
Zenith / Regular, although mainly plays Freon

702 / Regular, although I haven't seen him in a while
[+] / Regular

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