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Default Those crazy .io games my 5 year old son is mastering
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etc.. etc.. etc.. there's one list here: https://www.crazygames.com/c/io

you know, the original .io game that started it all, slither.io ?

There are tons of these free .io games on the web. I use some ad-block if the ads get too annoying. My 5-year old son is better than me at mope.io, with turning around doing crazy timed acrobatics with the mouse, making the monster spin around backwards and bite the enemy's tail just at the right time. He's gotten #1 on the USA1 server scoreboard several times within 1 hour or so, beating well-known professional players (adults)!! AMAZING!! He doesn't even need me to team up with him, but teaming up is fun with a kid with these games - great bonding experience!
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