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Originally Posted by Wormbo View Post

Apart from the Hoverbadger, I'd like to implement two seats for each of the Badger variations. So the wanted list contains the Ion Badger, Stealth Badger, Bio Badger and Link Badger? Or do I need to put the Fire Badger on the list as well?
I'd say the flame Badger is sufficient and you don't need to do a FireBadger. It's unique and not a direct Badger port of the larger tank.

Ion Badger: Gunner controls the Ion tank part. That would really make this Badger not overpowering. Driver can have a weak minigun like the regular badger.
Link Badger: Driver definitely needs to control the Link beam. The gunner can be a weak green laser or maybe one of those projectile models you were showcasing. Perhaps a rocket that heals things?

The Stealth Badger and BioBadger are fine as is regarding firepower and seating.
If you do decide to make a Link Badger and BioBadger, 600 health would be fine as opposed to the 1k health they currently have.

Originally Posted by Terminator View Post

What is the difference between the fire badger and flame badger? the Flame Badger on Deserted Sands seems pathetic.
DesertedSands? The only one I know of is the FlameBadger I put on Severance. It's pretty effective with two people in it. If you're alone, you should probably hop in the HoverBadger instead.
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