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You've had a lot going on Carpe. Thanks for looking into it.

The other thing is, with so many long term players I bet we can find the files on our local machines. I know I keep everything from the cache, so I'm guessing a few of us could get years of redirect data strictly from that.

If we need to move the redirect I can help.

I also have two edits to submit once we sort out everything. A new Slated world and a 1V1 or 2V2 Cheops. It's tiny.

Thanks again Carpe.

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Our redirect is 16.50€ a month, so it is rather affordable.

Easiest way to get all the files would be to download them from the game server to your PC and then upload them to the redirect. If you want to avoid the additional step of having to transfer a lot of files to whoever is setting up the redirect, it would make sense for someone with access to the game server to also run the redirect.
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