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Sooooooo, ever since we got rid of the balancer and mulligan, the old "damned if you do, damned if you don't" idiom seems to hold true more than ever. The balancer was implemented in light of the desire to create some (false) semblance of balance, which is NOT possible in onslaught. The mulligan was added to negate a potentially poor balance and the scoring was changed to best of 3 to make matches shorter. Almost everyone bitched about the mulligan (being robbed of 2 points), bitched about the new scoring (the matches are too quick) and bitched about the balancer (it never balances well).

Now that we got rid of all 3 and went back to the "old" way of things... lo' and behold the bitching continues! Now the matches are too long ("5 more rounds"), or the teams are always unbalanced ("is this really better than the balancer?"). Don't even get me started on the constant bashing of the map rotation, to which NOBODY volunteers to learn mapping so that it can be evolved and improved.

This server is literally the ONLY active North American onslaught server left, and you actually still have active admins here that give a damn about this game. So, play your hardest, play as a teammate, and go to fucking nodes. Quit sitting back in turrets or camping at a friendly node waiting for an enemy to turn the corner so you can take a cheap shot at them and get an easy kill. Speed and aggression win in onslaught... learn that and play accordingly. The reason balance seems so bad these days is because a lot of the really aggressive players have left and we are left with a bunch of turd bags that just don't go to nodes. Ironically those are usually the same shites that bitch about balance.

Seriously, try to improve your level of play or shut up about the team balance. Build or edit a new map, or shut up about the "shit maps."
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