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Default Awesome game concept.
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Here is a thought I have been tossing around with some ppl and I thought you would enjoy reading it. Its an awesome concept that I will expand on later.

[17:36] <La5eR> picture it like Terran vs. Zerg
[17:36] <La5eR> you build shit and acquire resources as the game goes on via the teams over-all frag count.
[17:39] <La5eR> what would be cool is if a game incorporated an RTSFPS aspect
[17:39] <La5eR> and there are 20 levels of classes to choose from each having their own ability like starcraft does
[17:40] <La5eR> and if ppl didnt go certain classes it'd be a guaranteed loss
[17:40] <La5eR> I <3'd playing engineer or breeder in Gloom
[17:41] <La5eR> at release, everyone would start out as a level 0 or a builder class.
[17:43] <La5eR> and it would keep track of how youre progressing
[17:43] <La5eR> so that when a new game started you could use currency based on the frags you got from other classes
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[17:45] <La5eR> i.e. if a level 0 killed a level 20 class they would get 20 "coins" a level 10 killing a 20 would get 10 "coins" and a level 15 killing a level 5 would get .33 "coins" etc...
[17:45] <La5eR> but if the level difference was 0, it would award 1 "coin"
[17:45] <crimson> meh
[17:47] <crimson> its a fps
[17:48] <La5eR> HOWEVER, this "buying" in could only be used once at the beginning of the game. to a max level of 5. And then the frag currency would kick in. the frag currency is awarded similar to how the previous method is. BUT, its only round-based
[17:49] <La5eR> so you have an account based and a round-based currency.
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[17:50] * BlackMage (Raistlin@BlackMage.user.globalgamers.net) has joined #xonotic
[17:50] <La5eR> the account based currency could also be used to buy beginning base fortifications to combat a potential swarm of level 5's at the beginning of the game.
[17:51] <La5eR> or used to increase the HP and damage of the maps "stock" fortifications.
[17:52] <La5eR> the structures that the breeder/engineer builds would cost frags too. With various powers. you could have spawnpads/eggs, laser-turrets/spore-launchers, etc....
[17:54] <La5eR> with the max structure level being 40 but going in incremends of 5 so you could have 8 structures in total
[17:54] <La5eR> sounds like a neat concept eh?
[17:56] <crimson> I hate to say it
[17:56] <crimson> but I'm not reading all that
[17:56] <La5eR> perhaps make the level 35 structure spawn vehicles for humans and enhancements for aliens that the player wanting one costing frags as well. perhaps having a max level of 10 to 14 in increments of 2 for a total of 5-7 vehicles.

Of course balancing the classes abilities would be tough.
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The class structure would go like this.
There would be 10 classes overall however there would be a level 1 and a level 2 of each class.

The level 2 of each class could have the ability to stealth(if moving at crouched-walking speed), carry more ammo/spikes, and have 50% more AP/HP than their lesser.

the level 2 builder could however be used to build T2 structures(level 20 or greater) and cost 3 frag points to upgrade and could upgrade on the battle-field. However, the other classes could NOT be upgraded to their level 2 counterpart unless theyre near an upgrade-shop/morph-pod(level 15 structure)

Each projectile would do varying amounts of damage that the game has to offer.

Armor classes would be: Light, Medium, Heavy
Damage types would be: Type::HP damage(modifier)/AP damage(Light modifier, medium modifier, heavy modifier)
Bullet::1/(.1, .05, .025) ---- this is both in shell form(10 fragments each shell with a spread) and bullet form
Light-explosive::1/(.4, .2, .1)
Heavy-explosive::1/(.8, .4, .2)
Biological/corrosive(leave a dot)::.25/(.1, .05, .025)
Light-energy(penetrate armor and hit the "flesh" inside)::.7/(0,0,0)
Heavy-energy(melt armor, penetrate armor, disorient(lasts for 1 second)/blind(lasts for 2 seconds)(on diminishing returns with a 4(disorient)/8(blind) second delay before the next one can take affect))::1/(.15, .075, .025)
Flare(lower damage than the bullet and blind(increasing gamma for a short time also on diminishing returns))::.05/(.02, .01, .005)

Human//Alien Class names in order and type of weaponry(bearing in mind every human up to a level of 8 will have a side-arm and spike-sacs on them dealing bullet damage)(Effective LEVEL)
Engineer(0)/Techgineer(5) // Drone/(0)/Breeder(5) ---- Techgineers and Breeders are able to regenerate all armor/ and light-energy using weapons and can reach hard-to-reach places with a 10 second fire-burst.
Grunt// Hatchling(0)
Assault// Ragon(2)
Medic// Regenous(4) ---- special class to regenerating health/Ammo only foot-based-level class with the flare ability
Trooper// Stinger(6) ---- special class that is able to give back physical ammo(rockets, bullets, grenades, replenish spike-sacs) and can fly
Storm-Guard// Firmus(8)
Assault-mech// Arachnid(10)
Energon// Sporegen(12) ---- moves at .95% walking speed but has a light-energy using boost pack to increase speed to 1.1% walking speed for 15 seconds
Medi-Ulta//Regalith(14) ---- special mech-based-class that has the heavy-energy's disorient/blind property and can repair mech-based-classes armor and replenish heavy-energy stocks
Assault-Tank//Lithalisk(16) ---- due to its weight moves at .8% walking speed
ProtoTron//Chronis(18) ----due to the weight of this class it moves at .7% player walking speed and can fly
Archon(20)//Ulta(20) ---- the best class one can have with lots of HP and AP but moves at .6% walking speed.

Each class has a primary weapon and secondary weapon(keeping in mind that ALL level 10 or lower classes get a sidearm/spike-sac)
1)Levels 0 - 5 the only secondary are spike-spores/sidearms(main fire is 1 bullet, alt fire is burst)
2) Level 2 gets bullets(20) for its primary with an option to combine 2(alt) to form a shell.
3) Level 4 gets shell(10) with an option to combine 3(alt) to form a light-explosive shot.

4a) Level 6 - 8 spore/bullet fire rate goes up for the primary(main fire is burst, alt fire is full auto with an increase in bullet spray)
4b) level 6 gets a light-explosive ammo/spore grenades(10) for the main fire with the option of combining 4 together to form a more effective heavy-explosive with minor AOE damage(alt)
4c) level 6 gets a secondary light-energy weapon(beam for humans, bio-energy-goo-ball for aliens main fire, secondary fires a slow moving ball for humans(costing 5 light-cells), bio-energy-goo-beam(costing 5 light-cells) with a range of 50 meters for aliens)

5a)level 8 gets a heavy-energy for its primary(see level 6's light-energy description but multiply the secondary fire ammo requirement by 2)
5b)level 8 gets a faster shooting light-explosive weapon for its secondary(see level 6's but multiply the requirement for alt fire by 2)

6)All levels 10 and up are similar to the previous but:
6.1)Instead of having a side-arm for their tertiary they have twin auto-cannons/spike-sacs mounted on them. However, if an alien mech-level-class comes in physical contact with a human theyll do biological damage equal to (base biological damage*.50 * 10/(10-class level)). Likewise with human mech-level-classes however these will do light-energy damage with the same formula above. And their physical ammo using weapons now use energy cells
6.2)Have rockets/heat-spores instead of grenades that do major AOE damage
6.3)Energy weapons can combine their alt and secondary fires to create an energy explosion if humans, ignite the bio-energy-goo-ball giving it thrust like a rocket
6.4)The fire rate on all weapons except auto-cannons goes up from levels 14-20 (1.1, 1.15, 1.2, 1.25)

The classes HP/AP(Effective level)[Armor class:L, M, H] are as follows:

Damage of projectiles are as follows:

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Structures for aliens slowly regenerate their HP
Now on to the structures(ID)name(HP)(frag count)
(0)There are spawn pads/eggs(200)(10)
(1)Supply depots/healers(300)(6)
(2)spike protectors/auto-turrets(350)(5)
(2.1)fire-spike protectors/light-explosive-sentry(425)(8)
(3)Light-energy protectors/turrets(300)(9)
(4)Tracking computers/seekers(150)(3) ---- these help level 10 and 15 fortifications track better and deal slightly more damage at a distance of 40 meters away from it. Also gives the ability of structure 3 and 2 to see stealth.
(5)Sentry/flamepeed(300)(6) ---- these are anchored to the ground and only have a bio-range of about 2 meters from them more for blockades
(6)spike ovums/rail-turret(550)(12)
(6.1)fire-spike ovums/heavy-explosive-sentry(650)(16)
(7)Heavy-Energy protectors/turrets(750)(14)
(8)Advanced Tracking computer/ulta-seeker(300)(5) ---- these help all base defenses track better and deal slightly more damage but their effective radius is 5 times greater than that of its 4 counterpart. While giving the 5 structure the ability to see stealth and increasing its radii by another 4 meters.
(9)Garage/Evolution chamber(650)(15) ---- can be used to purchase vehicles and augmentations

The vehicles that can be purchased all have a light armor class except the tank and phobos which have medim-class. These can only be used by level 8 or lower classes
They are as follows: name(frag count)[land speed(times run speed)](hp)[passenger count]
WarFire(6)[2.5](80)[4] ---- mounted with a driver-use autocannon on the top(primary fire is burst, alt is full-auto)
Fire-Hawk(5)[6](45)[1] ---- vehicle that can fly and has a light-energy cannon(primary fire is burst, alt is full-auto)
Phobos(7)[5](110)[3] ----vehicle that can fly and has an auto-cannon for the driver and 2 light-energy cannons(refer to warfire and fire-hawks modes)
Tank(7)[.75](200)[2] --- mounted with a driver-use(primary auto-cannon, light-explosive alt) with a passenger-side auto-cannon(same as war-fires modes)

The augmentations for the aliens are as follows: : name(frag count)[description]
regen(3)[regenerates armor and hp at an increased rate]
bio-sting(4)[adds a biological attack to spikes] ---- if spike-sear is applied the effect is split 50/50 between the two
psionic-eyes(5)[enables the vision of stealth units with in 20 meters]
carapace-aura(7)[increases armor regen of near-by aliens by 1200% within 40 meters] --- stacks with diminishing returns from regen
Carapace-injectionI(4)[gives 250 light armor up to 200% of the max or just gives 250 armor] ---- cannot be applied more than once.
spike-sear(6)[gives all spikes an added light-explosive effect] ---- if bio-sting is applied the effect is split 50/50 between the two

Goal of the game:
Eliminate your opponents players and spawn points
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Are we seriously expected to read all that crap?
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Default Grab your tomatos
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J/K about all i can understand is in the title but im not a techy coder!
Get Some!
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Crusha K. Rool
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Originally Posted by <LBG>LooseCannon View Post
Are we seriously expected to read all that crap?
Same here. tl;dr.

Ideas are worth nothing in this industry until you made a game of them.
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Would you like me to put all the stats of everything in an excel document and upload it somewhere with the "word" parts in a word document then? You cant do tables, etc.... in these forums.
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Crusha K. Rool
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I'd rather like you to show me some screenshots of this as game or else I don't get the point of this thread.
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