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Default Server Chat Relay: New Map Trial Program
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Hi everyone, just relaying what was talked about in chat this past night.

Analog had to bear the brunt of our whining (read: my whining) and feedback on the current map roster. Analog spontaneously decided that he's going to start a program where each week, a chosen player can add one map to the roster for the weekend to try it out. If people like it, it might stay as a permanent addition.

The inaugural player to choose a map is Blackwood. Despite an impersonation attempt from YEAAAHHHHHHH, only the original Blackwood will be able to trial a map for this coming weekend. In chat, Blackwood suggested that he would trial ONS-SilvaBETA5 in place of ONS-SilvaBETA4. I will update this post should this program continue further.

Thanks a lot for hearing us, Analog.
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Yes!!! Lets have some fun!!

Unless you guys are like Blackwood and can provide me with a nice neat archive of everything that is needed (map + dependencies) I can't promise every week, but we will try our best.

Note - IMO, these maps are a little different than the normal ones we add, this is pure "fandom" (and I don't mean that in a bad way), this is something to give the regulars more input in the server but there are still maps that a lot of modders do, that go through TWC and all kinds of people before getting on the server, I just want to be clear that these map choices may not be handled in the same fashion. Something that is discussed in the forum, tweaked/tested by members, approval stamps by members etc is held in a little higher light than something that has a lot less checks and balances - with that said though, let's see how it goes!! Blackwood's map is live now!
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Great idea! I like it. I think more maps would help drive more play. Too much AJY, Dria, DJY, Tanks-alot, repeat.
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Plus I think with the school year starting soon and the world snaps back into a routine again, the server will be a little more populated again.

New maps are always good.

Also still pushing for Demo Torlan...

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