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View Poll Results: Which map would you like to KEEP on the server?
ONS-ArcticJunkYard-V3 1 11.11%
ONS-ArcticJunkYard-V3m 8 88.89%
Voters: 9. You may not vote on this poll

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Exclamation Ultimatum Poll: ArcticJunkYard-V3 vs. ArcticJunkYard-V3m
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Hi everyone.

A few weeks ago when I put up my ArcticJunkYard (AJY) V3m thread up, I noted that there would be a poll in the coming days as to whether to keep that version or V3 on the server. AJY-V3m is not distinct enough from AJY-V3 IMO to have both on the server. Hence, I want to leave it to the players here to decide which version they'd like to keep.

I'll leave the poll open for a week. Once the official tally is set up, I'll PM the admins to keep the winning map.
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3M is distinct in that it has numerous fixes and plays more smoothly.
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Originally Posted by Colbye
Look at this volcano, itís kinda cool lookiní.
Originally Posted by GuythatkillsU
I donít think thereís volcanoes here.
Originally Posted by Colbye
Well, thereís a big ole hole thatís red on the inside...I donít know what else that could be.
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Mailbox's version V3m is by far better than the other simply for the fact he replaced the nerfed badgers with the original. I know what TurboK's (I think that's who did the other one) intentions were good, but those MK II badgers are just plain useless.
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Originally Posted by Colbye View Post
Same here on this one. I have no opinion on this, cause I rarely play Artic.

But I do love this quote by Flounder. BTW: I love to catch people sitting at a green light in front of me, I lay on the horn and it scares the bajebees out of them.

Originally Posted by Flounder
I can't imagine what happens to players that were fully active in the previous map and then space out between maps but can't be bothered to disconnect or spectate.

Are they the same type of people that sit at a green light because they thought of something far more important to do while the light was red?

Either that or they can't stand to be alone with their thoughts because the silence is deafening.
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Where do i click for Torlan?
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