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Default I should get back into 2k4
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Been a few years since I'd last played and my current set of games available are either SP only, and the MP is either dead or I have no interest
BL2 is getting old, Brink I picked up cuz it was on sale then remembered when I tried the free weekend, don't care for DOTA.
FireFall has been "meh"(also ran like shit last I'd played, tho their CEO got punted since then...)
Hawken/TF2 I get back into for about a day then just let it sit. Planetside 2 I haven't touched since pre-optimization patches. Section 8/S8:Prejudice are thoroughly dead
I don't know why I even have Tribes Ascend still installed...

Ya, I should dig up my discs/key and reinstall

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Tuff to stay away from the best FPS EVAR !
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