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Thanks bud.. Yeah, I'll keep that in mind. I've just never been a fan of quad jumps and infinite wall dodge jumps that just let you bounce forever off the walls in hallways. We might just as well have 10x jumps instead of quad jumps or infinite vertical jumps. It's too much of keyboard clacking for the crazy wall jumps, wearing my thumb out lol.

I actually prefer UT99 for pure DM. It's because of the vehicles (that I enjoy more) that I play UT2k4 (ONS). The double jump made sense in UT2k4 because the maps were considerably larger in general - especially with ONS, letting guys travel faster on foot than even tanks. UT99 was my best fragging experience ever - perhaps because I was younger and more easily excited. Did you play UT99, yo?

BTW, I'm gonna play some single player FPS games like Max Payne 3 (never got around to it, after falling in love with Max Payne 1/2), Metro2033 and the sequels, etc.. so I wont be around as often, but I'll just play by ear and see.
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