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As most players are aware, the ONS server has voice chat enabled for teams to discuss the game, strategy, etc. However, many players are unaware of the entire feature set of the UT2004 in game voice chat system.

In addition to the normal keybind for "enable microphone" there exists the ability to join, leave and create speech channels on the server. There also exists the ability to ignore voice commands (such as "Incoming!") and voice chat for other players (who may be talking too much and interfering with your game).

For those who know NOTHING of voice chat, first things first. Go to your settings page, and click the "audio" tab. Then be sure to check the "enable voice chat" box near the bottom right. This will enable the game to auto create a private voice chat room with your name, and optionally, a password for it. Directly under the "enable voice chat" checkbox is a voice chat configuration button. This will bring up a box that lets you select which channels are joined by default. (You can specify the name of a private channel here, if you always join your friend's private channel) It also will let you set a password for your private voice channel so that not everyone can join it.

You may go into your keybinds (after enabling voice chat in your settings menu under "audio") and bind a key to "activate microphone". Then, holding down this key in game will enable you to speak into your mic and have that message go out to everyone who is also in the channel you are in, as long as you are holding the key down.

The other keys directly under "Activate microphone" are the keys to toggle what "group" channels you are speaking in. (there is no way to bind a key in this screen to join someone's private channel) You can also use your speech menu in game to change what channels you have joined or are speaking in. Using the speech menu to join channels will display "Public", "Team", "Local", and the names of any players with private chat rooms enabled. When you select a private room, if the player has a password set, you must enter the password before you can join their private room. The console command "speak" followed by the name of the room will also toggle your "join" status on the room you specify. Hence, you CAN bind a key to join your friend's private channel, but you must do so by editing your user.ini file.

In regards to actions you can do to others, if you bring up the menu (ESC) and then go to the communication tab, you can right click on a player's name, get the following options:

- Ignore Voice Chat
- Ignore Speech
- Ignore Text
- Ban Player

"Ignore Voice Chat" does just that. You will no longer hear any voice chat from that player. This is good for ignoring "talkative" players that wont shut up, while you are trying to communicate strategy to your teammates.

"Ignore Speech" ignores all the in game speech messages such as "Incoming!" and "Defend the base!" from that player.

"Ignore Text" does just what it says.

"Ban Player" will remove the player from your private voice channel (if they are in it) and ban them from it, so that they can no longer join your private channe. (If you have a private chat channel enabled in your settings).

All of these settings get saved locally to your settings. (The file is called ChatRestriction.ini and will be created in your UT2004 System directory the first time you apply a mute or ban to someone) This means they persist between games. When you connect, they are sent to the server, so that the server does not waste its time or bandwidth sending you the voice data for players you have on ignore or ban. (This means if you mute someone or ban them, you will NOT be lagged by any further voice communication on their part)

Given these instructions, please use these to your advantage when dealing with players who may or may not chat about things you consider relevant over VOIP in game. Players who want to have long conversations about things that are not game related, please be considerate of others and do so in your private chat channels, and not on the public or team channels, or move yourselves to the public TeamSpeak server located at voice.omnipotents.com:23000. Having said that, Admins should NOT be brought in to resolve conflicts that stem from a player's personal preference of "how much chatter is too much." Players will not threaten other players with statements such as "you will get banned for such and such." The only time an admin should be involved is during an actual rule being broken such as racial or sexual slurs, or verbal harassment of another player over VOIP. You all have at your fingertips numerous ways to resolve your issues with different players' use of voice, please do so on your own from now on. Further posts complaining or reporting players for breaking your own opinion of what is "too far", unless they explicitly break a server rule, may be denied, or deleted.

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Public TeamSpeak server: voice.omnipotents.com port 23000
Public Ventrilo server: voice.omnipotents.com port 16000

Both support up to 100 clients. PM me if you need more channels. Ventrilo is being used during our Freon games and we normally stay in the lobby. Please move to proper channel when using Vent and do not chatter in the lobby.
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