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Default Kick Voting Sabotaging Biatches
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It seems lately, last few months, that there are more players than ever on this server that come into a match and intentionally screw around and do not help their team. Or worse, they intentionally try to sabotage you like Zora did last night spinning out the mino with his badger twice on Dria. It's gotten so bad that there are often 2 or 3 players on just one team behaving this way. This is not speculation, it's from observed behavior and I'm sure many others here can back me up on this. You've all seen it... a player sitting in a turret at the core when the battle is in the middle of the map, getting in a vehicle gunner seat and not shooting at anything, or spawn killing at the enemy core and nodes. I actually saw Zora last night in MTMU linking the poster in the bottom floor garage... yeah you read that correctly, he was LINKING A FUCKING POSTER ON THE WALL!!! I don't get why people behave this way, but they're probably the same type of people I've worked with that walk around the office all day talking to everyone and not doing shit while the rest of us bust our asses and carry their slack.

I am realistic and understand this game is very old and we're one of the last few active servers. And I guess that means we're ultimately going to get some dregs of the gaming world. I wish our admins would take a little more of a hardline stance on this type of crap. If an admin observes or is made aware of this behavior, they should session kick the player with the reason why. Booting them from the game and letting them come right back in does nothing. If they do it a second time, ban them for 2 days, 3rd offense a week, 4th a month and final time a total ban, or something like that.

Problem is, there aren't enough active admins and what I suggested isn't likely to happen. So this all comes back to the kick voting system, this is the reason why it exists in the first place. It's frustrating when your own team won't vote to kick people like this. So this is ultimately a plea to those of you who read this forum to please oblige your team when several people are requesting a non-participating player to be kicked. If you're on the opposing team, do the right thing and help kick the asshat because you now know you have an advantage over the other team. It seriously only takes about 4 seconds to place a kick vote. Your team isn't going to lose if you're not playing for 4 seconds.

I always participate in a kick vote when it's warranted, just asking the rest of you to please do the same. I can't count how many times I've heard good players say they're leaving the match because they don't want to put up with this crap. I'm sure most of us would rather see the asshat kicked than see the good ones leave in frustration.
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