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Default Harassing new players
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Hey there. I thought for awhile about whether or not to post this but felt it necessary. As a new player to your server I have to say that this server is unwelcoming to new players. I'm not new to UT. Been playing since 04 however I am new to these maps and these vehicles. As we all know UT has quite a steep learning curve and to date I've been called names and harassed and called names by more than a few players here. Most notably Provert, SolidState, and Infected_Toe. My crime? Not knowing how to play these maps. My first cardinal sin was apparently shooting the lasers out of the Mino. I didn't know not to do that and players here should be guiding new players, not harassing and belittling them. Now I'll admit after Proverts tirade I started doing it intentionally to tick him off. Sorry, not my finest moment. The worst of it came yesterday when for the second day in a row Provert starts in on me. However this time he was not alone as SolidState and another player (maybe Codeman_X?) joined in on harassing me on voice chat. Then Flounder blamed me for it for not playing properly in their eyes. When Army attempted to defend me they started in on him as well. This is not welcoming to new players. This game is old you should be embracing new players and not acting like elitist you know whats. I am in no way innocent in all of this but I will say that I never said anything and every time I've just been defending myself. I'm sure I went too far last night and for that I apologize. So back to yesterday. I was going with Army in the Dragon (I think?) and we were shot down once or twice. While waiting for the respawn Army and I were goofing around and I combo'ed myself to give me a score of -1. We are three minutes into the game and losing badly. Provert and SolidState then start it on me for no reason other than my score. So I quit. Hung around the base arguing with them and being ticked off I took the Kraken on a joyride. Not my finest moment but this is the 4th? 5th? time they've taken issue with me. I don't talk to them and made a point not to after the latest run in with Provert a week or so ago. Deliberately made a point not to say anything to him but Thursday he starts in on me again. And again on Friday. Well enough is enough. I was ticked and Flounder just made it worse by blaming me for it. That's not what I'd expect to see out of an admin. Enyo and Army have witnessed most if not all of it and know what I say is true. Enyo admitted in chat to Slothy that this was the second time Provert started it on me in two days and I had done nothing to provoke him. Now I'm fortunate to be a good enough player that I can laugh and kill Provert quite easily so everything he says is pretty much a joke to me. But what if I wasn't? What if I was a kid trying this game for the first time? You really should think about these things. And Flounder, you blaming me etc yesterday was some pretty poor adminnning. Sorry but it was. I was getting harrassed and ticked off and you escalated it by piling on along with them. Shame on you.

TLDR: Be welcoming to new players and instead of berating them. We were all new once.
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