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The ScriptedTrigger was a little buggy for me when I used it with "wait for timer" and "wait for event".. it sometimes simply ignores the timer.

So I haven't looked into that so much.. also because on CEONSS there is just one round and no "teams changing sites" activated when we had a quick round. So many of our maps are edited to look like CTF maps. =D

Anyway I made a while ago a few tests with triggerable lights, but it only works offline as it is.

There are two Stargates in the map and two DHDs.. just go to one of them and press the use key.. one gate will light up green (you can go through) the other red... and other way around.

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I am seeing that now. When I pull the reset on destroy function out of the existing scripted triggers into its own it flat out does not work. Ever.

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Thanks for sharing that Miauz.

I haven't worked on this in a bit. I've actually been working on an Assault map. Not sure when I will get back to this stuff. The BSP would work fine if it wasn't for the unlit thing and the lights need some sort of "round reset" event they can hear so they can turn the lights off. I'm sure that reset event is happening and sending out a tag other bits of code can use but I don't know what it's called. I haven't tried with meshes after the first time but I think that has the most hope for changing colors for rounds.
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