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Default new ut pre -alpha
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is anyone playin the new ut in pre alpha development? ... i love it feels close to ut 2004 https://www.epicgames.com/unrealtournament/
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played it a little bit, but heard they've stopped dev on it to work on fortnite.
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There's a new UT? Cool. Is it any good?
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I tried, but having to play through that stupid Steam app launcher is just plain dog shit, at least on my Macbook. Maybe it's just Mac OS it sucks on... locks up constantly, laggy as hell when it actually works, and between the loader and UT game, takes up 100 GB! And no, it's not a drive space/RAM/video card issue... plenty good enough specs all around.
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Same here, but I'm on OS 10.6 so nothing works except the programs I need... my computer still thinks it's 2012...
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I played UT4 a year back, and it was really fun! The weapons feel good and the maps play well. Vanilla UT4 at the moment is much closer to UT99 than UT2k4, but I think that's fine. CTF is especially fun and fast paced.
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