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Carpe Diem
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Default ONS-Grit-SE-BadWolf
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On the server now, you can get it here (instead of from re-direct)


Please keep all comments, suggestions and opinions on this map in this thread now. Thanks.

Once again, thanks to BadWolf for his continued time and efforts.
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Getting there...
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Nice!!!! Good to see some modified oldies! Had a lot of fun on this one.
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(Moved posting about "ONS-Grit-SE-BadWolf-V2a" below from wrong thread to this thread)

You did really cool work with this map. This fast moving underground turbo-"lifts" (movers) are really cool.
  • One node they connect is directly connected to the core. So it's an important node, and much fights happen there. And on the other node where you can access the underground lifts.
  • It's underground, and the way down/up has no "view connection", so you can't just spam the people at the node from above. So they can heal it.
  • But you can spam the node, if you do it heavy, people must go up and fight. Or wait for their team members to do that job.
  • You can quickly approach the critical nodes with the "speed pads" (movers), they are so fast, it's actually fun to just take that "ride".
  • The map is big, but if you are unable to catch a vehicle, you can still fight at these nodes, and if you conquer one, you can move fast around the map without a vehicle.
  • They are not overdone, and all around the map (between too much nodes), so people must still go outside and fight, and it's not too crowded down there.
Short form: I really like it.

Last edited by IPreferQuake3; 11-10-2008 at 09:34 AM.. Reason: Added map version (ONS-Grit-SE-BadWolf-V2a), to clarify which map version is meant.
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Map Modder
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Thanks alot for the feedback.
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