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Originally Posted by Solace View Post
Well, there's two things I'd be worried about that if I was Epic: First off, custom mesh plus custom sounds plus custom textures for the skin and effects could easily push each vehicle into the tens of megabytes... times that by a large number, and a good size pack could easily make for a multi gigabyte download. Second, and more importantly, each vehicle will likely take 10+ classes... which means that actually checking every entry for bug-proofness would take a very, very long time. No assurance for bug-proofness means Epic probably wouldn't want to call it an official pack, which means they probably won't want to force everyone to download an unofficial pack, which means a lower download size for an optional pack would be a good idea.

However, making our own custom packs for UT3 early on would be awesome.
Well, regardless of meshes and textures, they still need to test a script-only idea for bug-proofness. You have the same issues in a script-only pack as you would in a from scratch pack. Once that pack is out, it's out, and people will begin to incorporate it into their maps. But as for the textures, they can be compressed. The meshes, depends on how complicated they are - hopefully the poly use can remain low and people can actually do a lot of detail work with their normal maps. But bay far meshes aren't that large of a space hog. Sounds and textures would be the big space takers, but I doubt you'd end up with a multi gig download. If the vehicles end up taking up a few megs each, you put 2 or 3 vehicles in each pack, and make them smaller downloads. The plus side of having them as installed packs similar to the ECE pack, is that people download them ONCE, install it, and they are done. Otherwise, every time they have to cache a map with the vehicle code embedded in it, they end up downloading all the code again, and if the map author took some liberties and tried to "even the gameplay" of the vehicle out in their own minds, you can end up with possible bugs in the code, and if the map author went as far as to reskin the vehicle, you end up downloading new texture packs depending on whose version of the vehicle you are using.
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