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Fogell from Superbad

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Default Colbye's latest video
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Colbye’s Helpin’ People Out – Unreal Tournament 2004
Against People That … Are Really Good at the Game But
Sometimes They Annoy Other
People And Then You Get Mad
At ‘Em And You Gotta Take Justice
Into Your Own Hands
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Haha that was a hilarious (and sooo lucky) roadkill Colbye!
Good job sneaking up on Xexx

I'm in the video too, but I have no idea what I even said.. something about a nuke tank
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Getting there...
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Bonus points for the URL ending in gg
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rofl, I wondered how this happened, I didn't see him gain the spin off hitting my vehicle as it appeared a little different on my screen. I laughed out loud and almost said something but I think I got blasted by someone else after spawning and went back to playing.
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