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Here the other odd thing. That is all one mesh. The sides and the bottom brace as well as the platform that is missing in this screen grab is all part of the same thing...

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Getting there...
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Originally Posted by SMOKER View Post
Happy Bday Anonymous
Thank you

it may be d3d10 too, I get it but rarely
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The reason I say driver is because it's similar to this problem I had once which was fixed by rolling back my driver. You can see missing parts in environment, weapon, and vehicle meshes. There's even something added to the turret that shouldn't be there. It's seems like it's all random triangles though and not whole areas like in Xexx's shot.

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Might be a combination of packed server and vid card buffer. Sometimes in the third round of a full map I'll spawn in and lose parts of my vehicles, they just become invisible although they still work. And, this event is usually accompanied by some lag. Ahhh, what do I know?
But! now that I think about it; if you get in the cubby hole in north node #2 of Dria and shoot from under the fallen tower you can see outside right through the wall if you angle your view just right. Works every time. Might be a map glitch too.
Freakin' bots!
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