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Default No user or ut2004 ini files
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Sooooooooo, I've been reading through the threads to help make adjustments for better gameplay. I was telling Anon today that I have no user.ini or ut2004.ini and he wouldn't believe me. I uninstalled the game and reinstalled it, still no files. Now, I was reading that placing a the game in the games folder ("saved games" in win 8.1) will generate a user.ini file and voila, it did. Sadly, it tells me my CD key is bad and won't run. So, I copied the user.ini and ut2004.ini files it created to my documents folder, uninstalled it again, made sure there were no remains of the previous installs, restarted the computer, and installed the game to the program files(x86) folder where it was before. I still have no user.ini or ut2004.ini files, but interestingly it has loaded all of my data (username, stats login, key binds, etc.) Found them residing in my app data folder, not the system folder. Just putting this out there in case others run into this issue.
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Had a similar problem a (long) while back.

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