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Note: this is just a rant, a pressure release.


I know it doesn't matter, but "improvements" like this are one of the reasons I don't ONS anymore.

The current state of ONS is, in my mind, a travesty. Call me old fashioned, but this wonderful
gametype of this wonderful game has moved far, far away from it's roots. Since it was pretty
close to perfect (in my estimation), that's sad.

I can remember when Gorz started adding amped up vehicles to the mix, we had long long discussions
about how each one impacted overall gameplay. We were always cognizant about trying to maintain
balance. After one or two adds, it became somewhat like a runaway nuclear meltdown; because vehicle
"x" gave this advantage, vehicle "y" had to be added to offset it. Oh, and because we have vehicle "y"
now, we need to have vehicle "r" to counter-act it. etc. etc. etc. Now all that remains is the
nuclear winter/wasteland that was once ONS.

Near the end of my ONS playing "career", it was approaching silly. Now it's mind bogglingly (yes, that
is an )o( word !) crazy. One of the best things about ONS in it's early life was the simplicity of the
game; A small handful of vehicles, nodes, the standard UT weapon loadout and teams of players. Gone
the way of the dinosaur now.

[/end rant]

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