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New release, version 2 Alpha 8.

Changes since alpha 7:
  • renamed config options to hopefully make them easier to understand:
    • MinDesiredRoundDuration -> MinDesiredFirstRoundDuration "Minimum desired first round length (minutes)"
      If the first round is shorter than this number of minutes, scores are reset and the round is restarted with shuffled teams.
    • bShuffleTeamsFromPreviousMatch-> bShuffleTeamsAtMatchStart "Shuffle teams at match start"
      Initially assign players to teams based on PPH from the previous match to achieve even teams.
    • bConnectingPlayersBalanceTeams-> bAssignConnectingPlayerTeam "Assign connecting player's team"
      Override the team preference of a connecting player to balance team sizes.
    • bAlwaysIgnoreTeamPreference-> bIgnoreConnectingPlayerTeamPreference "Ignore connecting player team preference"
      Ignore player preferences for a team color, allowing the game or Even Match to pick a team.
  • new config options:
    • bBalanceTeamsBetweenRounds - Whether to always apply balancing between rounds.
      This isn't total shuffling, but just moves the bottom players of the bigger team to the smaller team until player counts are balanced. If player count is odd, the behind team gets the remaining player.
    • bBalanceTeamsWhilePlaying - Whether to auto-balance during the match if teams get uneven. (Turn off if you only want balance on player request.)
    • bBalanceTeamsDuringOvertime - Whether balancing (auto or requested) should happen during overtime. (disabled by default)
    • bDisplayRoundProgressIndicator - Whether the team progress HUD indicator should be displayed.
      That indicator is off by default now. If Even Match assesses the game state correctly, that indicator will not provide any useful information for players. I will probably remove it for the final version.
    • TeamsCallString - The chat message text players can use to call for team balancing instead of the "mutate teams" console command. (not set by default)
      While a round is ongoing, players and admin spectators can call for a team balance check. Non-admin spectators are excluded to prevent abuse. Even Match will do a quick check to see if the call is allowed and seems justified. If so, regular soft balancing will start as configured and will be followed by forced balancing if necessary.
  • Added Linux emitter crash fix. (This will only be applied on dedicated non-Windows servers.)
  • Added some more debug logging. (Enabled by default for now.)
  • Fixed an array index out of bounds error, which also partially broke soft-balancing.
  • Excluded bots from top-scorer ranking.
  • Added more "key player" criteria:
    • Double damage with >5s left
    • Super weapon with ammo in inventory
    • Using Linkgun to heal things
  • Added "criteria downgrades" for repeatedly unsuccessful forced balancing attempts. The "key player" criteria are turned off in the following order: nearby node check, UDamage, super weapon, linkgun, vehicle passengers, important vehicle, valuable player.
  • Improved team shuffling algorithm's computational complexity to reduce the risk of runaway loop crashes with many players and known PPH records.
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