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Good for you. *backs away slowly*

Originally Posted by La5eR View Post
Flounder, you have no idea. The XM98 is my weapon of choice and I am less than 200 kills from an Auraxium metal which requires 1200 kills to obtain. My other weapons in comparison is the S1 rocket launcher with 968 to go for its Auraxium. Luckily enough though, this game IS helping me with non-snipey weapons and non-snipey vehicle implements.

One thing that I never have seen in any game before this is a Sniper-Rocket Launcher called the Lancer. It has a rocket flight time of .1 seconds at 800m and its damage feels about the same as bi-rockets out of the UT2004 RL. Though it isnt for infantry but more for vehicles so the damage does scale depending on what it hits.!/5428029729498691153 is my profile page.
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