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I was there at 7:00, and we played one map with 4 people, I thought it was gonna be a wash.

Then everyone came around 8. (could have swore 7:00 was start time!)

Here's what we did --

Glacier - Red won
Convoy - Red won
Junkyard - (voted out, but Blue won had we kept playing)
TempleofBoom - Blue won
BP2-Subrosa - Red won
FallenCity - Crashed (thanks for reporting that TK, but I think the map couldn't believe that one team could hold for 20 minutes!)
Ionification - Red won
TheDoor - Red won
SpartanRuins - Red won (although in my solo runs it took a lot longer than that to play....)
Thunderstrom - Red won (glad we did this one again)

So 10 maps in about 3.5 hrs because of the highly skilled players we had. I hope everyone enjoyed taking shock combos to the face.
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