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Originally Posted by McLovin View Post
It wasn't you.

I'm not gonna stoop to naming names, not yet. The first map, kamek, we had like 5 minutes left, getting creamed and unnamed offender pulled their hurricane off into the weeds and sat idle, just chatting about how we should all give up now and just get this over with. Fuck that. I called them out on it. Then we started coming back. We recovered our primary, then our corner node. But in the end we lost horribly.

Next match, the same guy has called it quits and is idle again. There's a pattern here.

If I've had it with a team, I'll rage, quit, walk away, take a break. But I'm not going to sit idle and wait for the next map, that's dishonest. I've taken breaks, then come back later, same team is now winning, good for them, they got some new blood in the mix and turned it around. Maybe me leaving opened a spot for somebody that was waiting to play and made a difference in the team dynamics.
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